Products & Services

Operating from two very different ecological zones and markets within Nigeria. MTFL adopts international standard for animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection while catering for the needs of our local and international markets. We are focus on mentaining as sustainabe model while adopting technology and enabling precision farming using the best practices in farming. MTFL cares for her customers and consumers.
Crops, Fields and Plantation
  1. Grain 20 hectares (Soyabeans, Ground nuts and Maize)

  2. Rhizomes and Plantains 160 hectares (Ginger, Tumeric and Plantains)

  3. Cashew 255 hectares (Cashew)

  4. Vegetables 20 hectares (Tomatoes,Capsicum, Cucumber & Watermelon)

Animal Husbandry

Dogs, Cows and Pigs

Farm Services & Fertilisation
Logistics & Equipment

We will offer local farms quick soil sample test, equipment rentals, seeds, seedlings and fertilisation advice services.

Only the most modern tractors and implements are utilised.